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I strongly believe in devoting my free time to aiding the community in which I live in any way I can.

Lesson Check In


Lesson Check in is a new organization created to aid youth and their parents while attending school virtually during these uncertain times of Covid-19.

I currently tutor 5 students and aid them in understanding material they are learning in school, specifically English literature, history, and social sciences.

I currently create at least 2 infographics weekly, Powerpoint presentations, and other content based on wellness. An example being, providing tips for students to keep their energy and focus up during their Zoom classes.

The nsoro Foundation


The nsoro Foundation awards scholarships to youth who have aged out of the United States foster care system.

Each year, I attended the annual application reading in person or virtually, to review up to 10 essays and determine which scholars should receive full or partial tuition funding. 

I have also spoken at the annual fundraising event, The Starfish Ball 3 years in a row and worked each year to set up the ball room, mail invitations, contact donors. 

Michigan State University Writing Centre

2016 - 2018

The Writing Centre provides in person or online writing consultations for students to enhance their essays at different stages. 

I would work with 3-6 students per week, brainstorming theses, editing completed works prior to submission, restructuring, and more. 

Being an English major, editing and research are aspects of the writing process that I strongly value and would also help students with finding scholarly and accredited sources using the school's various databases.



This was an annual leadership retreat that took place in the Breslin Student Events Centre in East Lansing, Michigan led my the Women's Basketball Team, along with the head coach. This is a grassroots initiative designed for young girls to teach the importance of positivity, kindness, safety, and more.

I was tasked with preparing for this retreat each year by seeking food vendors, donors, and additional volunteers. I also was involved in the design of staff T-Shirts, content creation for informational sessions, ordering food, yoga mats, and other items needed to ensure a great event for these young girls

Holy Spirit Catholic Church


Working as a Sunday school teacher throughout High School allowed me a chance to interact with kindergarten students.

With my own class, I was tasked with the responsibility to create lesson plans, crafts, and interactive games to help them learn Biblical lessons and simple prayers while keeping their attention.

I also planned short excursions for the students such as visitation with Priests and exploring a trail of the 10 Commandments.

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